Dutch Health Minister Says Marijuana Is Exempt From July 1 Smoking Ban

AMSTERDAM - Dutch health minister Ab Klink said visitors to coffee shops will be free to smoke marijuana as long as it is not mixed with tobacco, after a smoking ban affecting all restaurants and bars goes into effect on July 1.

He was asked what (if anything) would happen to the notorious 'coffee shop's' ( known the world over for the availability of high quality Marijuana and Cannabis resin and pretty nice coffee i might add, no one seems to mention it for some reason?) when the ban kick's in

Current tobacco laws do not cover smoking Marijuana/Cannabis  in it's pure form so is not affected by the new law , however being known for their tolerant nature and knowing some customers will prefer to use tobacco in their spliffs and chillums,  coffee shop owners are permitted to provide a separate room where tobacco can be smoked, shop staff will not be allowed to serve or work in such areas.

Minister Klint say's he will look into the effect of the ban on coffee shops at the end of 2008 early 2009 including what percentage of cafe's had installed the smoking area's. 

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