Just A Great Idea.

While visiting the Caribbean, Alfred Heineken saw two major problems, the beaches were littered with beer bottles and there was a lack of affordable building materials, he passed the idea on to an architect Dutchman John Habrakan who came up with this design, unbelievably this was back in 1963 way ahead of its time, this week Coca cola have announced plans to reduce the amount of glass used in their famous 'hourglass' bottle, while this is a great step the 'WOBO' (world bottle) as the one from 1963 is known shows we can go a lot further than merely reducing the amounts used!
Here's an interesting fact:- in the USA alone aluminum cans are being consumed at a rate of 106,000 every 30 SECONDS!That comes out at almost 13 million cans an hour or 300 million cans each and every day!.

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