I Really Ought To Get Some Work Done

I have to stop watching all this 'daytime' TV and get some work done, i did it again today, i took so long getting my shit together this morning  it was just too late to go to work!, plus my boss said if i come in late once more i am finished!!.  Again, i sat watching that Jeremy Kyle (he is on at around 9.25 am GMT on ITV from England) There was a 19 year old kid on today taking a paternity test to prove his child was his! get this, the reason he doubted the boy was his own ...........  "she fell pregnant in the first week we got together and as we know, you can't get pregnant so soon into a relationship!"  WHAT THE F***!!!!, the guy is 19 years old and he thinks this is a fact!, i am not really surprised he didn't use protection then, or maybe they only had sex stood up "Just in case"

If you think that is a moronic reason to deny fatherhood what about this 'gem' from Maury Povich, I swear this is true,  they have a couple on the show, both originally from Mexico, they now lived (separately)  in L.A, when Maury asks why the guy is so sure he is not the father of the baby, he say's " Aw come on Maury, look, i am Hispanic! listen to him,  the kid doesn't even have an accent ".

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