More Nonsense From The Press

     Hear Ye  Just Say No: In September, police in Hertfordshire, England, stood fast under criticism for their program of placing posters around the area reading, "Don't Commit Crime." Said a police spokeswoman, "If stating the obvious helps to reduce crime or has any impact at all, we will do it." (The police also installed signs at gas stations: "All Fuel Must Be Paid For.") [Daily Mail (London)


Heres a real surprise!!!!

Tommy Tester, 58, minister of Gospel Baptist Church in Bristol, Va., was arrested  after he allegedly urinated at a car wash, in front of children and police officers, while wearing a skirt. (Police said alcohol was involved.)  Red Wine 


Catherine Delgado, 35, was arrested in Annapolis, Md.,  after she appeared, smudged with fudge, in a hotel lobby around midnight with "large slabs of fudge bulging out of her pockets" (according to a Washington Post story). A police officer later checked a nearby Fudge Kitchen store and found the door inexplicably open and a large display quantity missing from the front window. (Police said alcohol was involved,no, i dont know if she was drunk i would have said first  she had a severe case of the munchies or second of all she was most likely just a greedy *%)$^"! .)

 Candy Bar                               Candy Bar 3                                    Candy Bar 2                                               Chocolate                                          Pie 


Boy do i wanna beat some kids after i read stuff like this...........

The adolescent offspring of some well-to-do parents are serious art collectors, according to a September Wall Street Journal report, and their interest appears not to be motivated solely by parents' strategies to shield income from the tax collector. Ms. Dakota King, 9, for example, owns 40 pieces and specializes in animals and "happy colors." Ms. Shammiel Fleischer-Amoros, 10, who admitted, "I'm really scared, but Daddy told me I have to negotiate," succeeded in getting $200 knocked off of a $3,200 sculpture she really wanted. An 11-year-old last year "waved a paddle" to win a $352,000 Jeff Koons sculpture.


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