On a Satellite TV show from England, there was a kid (15) just on  who wants " to be listened to,and a bit of respect, that's all, 'sniff' 'sniff' " this self same kid calls his grandmother " a C_ _T " and beats on his mom!, Cheeky LiL forker, i know what he does want!, So, i got thinking how this is all our own fault, selfishly, we encourage our babies to stand up and to talk the second they are able,it gives us a kick to succeed,  what mom or dad doesn't love to be able to say their child was running and singing at only 7 weeks and 3 days?, OK, i know, a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point! we do it for ourselves, the kid  would be quite happy to lie in it's crib all day,( by the time they are 14 they will be Olympic class at it) and lets be honest , the second they get to be teens we just want them to sit down and shut the F*** up!, it's time to stop being selfish with our children, it's time to stop teaching the little darlings how to walk or talk, maybe then they wont expect "a bit of respect" or at least  they wont be able to call Granny a C_ _T !!!.  See, It's for their own good.

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