Kid's Having Kid's

Well I am still off work for a week or two so I have been watching out for more candidates for 'Dumbest kid on daytime TV' (see posts below  "I really ought to get some work done", KIDS GRRRRRRR ), I got watching the Jeremy Kyle Show from the UK,

This week they have a real live-wire on the show, another who is there for a DNA test to see if this baby is his, he informs us he has doubts that he is but doesn't offer any reason for this doubt. Kyle, the host, before reading the results asks each of the guests "what are the odds of the young man being the father, the mother of the child says 100%, she is certain that he is the dad,  Kyle turns to the guy who is almost asleep!, he is THAT alert!, a "huh" and a  "what" later  Kyle repeats himself, "what are the odds you are the father" "oh" he says " 50/50" Kyle, "based on what?"-

Young man, "based on if I am the father or if I'm not"   smile_sad

Kyle just shakes his head and reads out the result from the card, the guy IS the father, Kyle takes the card and offers it to the guy and says, "so what does it mean?", meaning what does the result mean to you?, how will this affect you?

The 'professor' pauses , looks at the card?  and say's now holding the card out for all to see, " It means I am the father" smile_zipit

You couldn't make it up.............................................


Sky Satellite TV carry the channel ITV where you can see The Jeremy Kyle Show, it goes out Mon-Fri 9.25am GMT


Middle Man said...

I'm with you on this:


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Thanks for that middle man :)